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The used " meant to die " letra


Meant to Die

past midnight breathing in the dark.
the same strange friend comes to visit.
never intend to open the door.
you take it to places that no-one's ever been.
you let it you're insides caving in.
you pushed and pulled still wanting some more.
this time I've gone all the way without you.
there's nothing more I can say.
past heartbeats fading in the night.
only expected darkness surprised to wake and follow the light.
the second you let it become a part of you.
you'll never forget it no matter what you do.
you lost it all still wanting some more

ch. so maybe I took a little too much. maybe life didn't want this part of me.
If it helps to know I never meant to go. sure I lost my mind but I never really meant to die



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